Alekram Foundation

Al_Ekram Developmental  and Charitable Foundation has successfully completed the Training Course on the Emergency Needs Assessment and Early Recovery in Sana.a Governorate which was  held for the field team in the context of the field survey project 

 on Thursday, 21th  December 2017.


The training course was conducted for a period of four consecutive days during which the participants acquired a set of lessons and knowledge on the mechanism of conducting field and social surveys.


At the end of the training course, a ceremonial activity was conducted which was attended by the Governor of Sana’a Governorate, Mr. Haneen Al Gutainah; Vice Deputy of the Governorate, Mr. Hameed Asem; the Director of the Executive Unit for Management of IDPs’ Camps in Sana’a Governorate and the Director General of the Education Office for Sana’a Governorate who were all received by the Chairman of the foundation, Mr. Abdul Baset Hadi  and the Executive Director, Mr. Adnan Qasem  Qaflah.


The Governor of Sana’a Governorate has extended his thanks and appreciation to both the Chairman and Management of the Al_Ekram Foundation as well as the participants in the training courses for the efforts made and expressed the need and necessity of continuing such a project in the Governorate.


The ceremonial activity was concluded  by the Chairman of the foundation, Mr. Abdul Basit Hadi who distributed the participation certificates to the participants in the presence of the Executive Director, Mr. Adnan Qaflah and the Vice Deputy of Sana’a Governorate, Mr. Hameed Asem  and urged them to continue the good work by application of what they learnt in the course in the field work.