Alekram Foundation

Ekram Land Project 2, Reclamation of agricultural land April 16, 2017

As continuation “of the foundation agricultural program

(Ekram Developmental Charitable Foundation is currently launching “Ekram Land project 2”)

It is reclamation of more than (56,000 square meters) in the district of Haidan, Thweib Alsfla sub district and the preparation of land for agriculture and receiving maize season

The project is to help vulnerable farmers who can not plow the land and pay for the reclamation of agricultural land from widows, orphans and the disabled.

This project will continue for two months as the plowing of the land requires a lot of time.

It is expected out of the project results that these families, which are more than thirty families to reach self-sufficiency at the end of the maize season. It also includes a awareness campaign of the need to pay attention to the season of corn to reach self-sufficiency for families capable of agriculture.

As well , Foundation launches this project to invite all farmers, businessmen, civil society organizations and government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Economic Commission to take responsibility and attention to this aspect and investment in it because the agricultural ingredients for a high quality agriculture is strong and fruitful and because the stage requires everyone to work by all means to encourage agriculture.

For our part, Ekram Developmental Charitable Foundation will continue its agricultural program and pay attention to the poor families so that they can benefit from what they have for their self-sufficiency, including the land they can reclaim for agriculture.